Walmart Program Gives Support to Struggling Families in Houston, TX

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Walmart Program Gives Support to Struggling Families in Houston, TX

Organization: Victory Family Church and Outreach Ministries 

Lives Impacted: 100 

Donor: Walmart 



As Told to Good360 by Victory Family Church and Outreach Ministries 

Victory Family Church and Outreach Ministries, located in Houston, TX is more than a Church, we’re a family! We provide programs, services and daily activities to help individuals work towards their spiritual growth. We have several apartment complexes located in the surrounding area that are very low-income and in need of goods to help residents furnish and maintain their apartments. Most, if not all rooms have no air conditioning, leading families to struggle during the very hot Texas months. Thanks to the Walmart Retail Distribution Program, we are able to provide fans for each unit in this complex to offer some form of relief.  

This generous partnership through Good360 and Walmart allows us to take care of our residents and families and reminds them we will do our best to provide them with these goods. We feel that although our impact may not seem substantial, we are doing our best to target an overwhelming problem. So many families are in need here in Houston, and I know with the continued support and partnership through Good360 we will continue to make an impact and it will be even greater as others join in. One of our residents lived here in Houston and recently moved to Pasadena, Texas in hopes of a better living situation. She is a single mother of three children, and her youngest is a six-year-old child with a debilitating disease called CDKL5. At only six years old she was left with no muscle mass and suffers from constant seizures.  Her mother is strong but it is a battle daily to care for her and her other two children every day. We provide what we can from Walmart to help makes things a little easier, like these fans to keep them cool, and furniture items. Its families like this that keep us working towards better programs and better ways to provide hope to residents in our community.

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